Decorating with Wall Portraits |Gallery Wrap Canvas Series featuring the Critchlow Family | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah

Decorating-with-Family-Pictures-using-Canvas-Gallery-Wraps-at-Studio-B-PortraitsDecorating-with-Wall-Portraits-Gallery-Wrap-Canvas This awesome "Decorating with Family Pictures" share comes from the Critchlow Family.  We created this 10 Gallery Wrap Series for the first level of their gorgeous home featuring the lifestyle portrait session  images that we captured on location in late Summer.  At Studio B Portraits, whenever we do a wall series I'm most concerned with telling a story -- creating  a display that is both  visually interesting and emotionally compelling means that we've done our job right.  In designing this wall, we started with the layout rendering on the top right and then decided to add two additional pieces and spread the entire configuration horizontally to best showcase in the space.  With regard to size selection,  the canvases range from 24 inches down to 10 inches  -- custom cropped based on the best overall display for the individual piece.