Vizquel Family Portraits 2011 | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah WA

Nicole Vizquel-Family-Christmas-Picture-at-Studio-B-PortraitsPretty-girl-in-black-formal-dress-at-Studio-B-PortraitsBurberry-inspired-fashion-holiday-family-pictures-of-Vizquel-Family I know that as a professional photographer you would think that I would only share the conventionally perfect portraits, but seriously, every time I look at the family  shot on the top right I crack up laughing.  I've seen it like a 100 times today and honestly it is still slaying me :-)  It's like Christmas came early! Let me set the scene for you.  The beautiful Vizquel Family walks onto the set looking like they stepped out of a magazine and trust me for a photographer that adores fashion as much as I do you'd think that was the gift...but's what I know is coming.  The kids are a ball! See, I've been photographing this family since youngest daughter Caylee was just a baby and she has always been a character.  As the years have past, it's almost like she's become one part princess, and two parts court jester....she's always fun and unexpectedly really really funny.  With Caylee I just hold on for the ride, but with Nico and Jessie... they are now at the age where we got to do some really fun "editorial" type shots like this Burberry-inspired one on the left...and the real fun lovely shot of them on the right.   If you're loving the full family shot with Mom Nicole at the top and would like to see it larger, we added it to our Facebook page here.