Holiday Children's Portraits at Studio B Portraits | Schutz Family | Issaquah, WA Portrait Studio

Beautiful-children-laughing-during-their-holiday-photo-shoot-in-Issaquah-WA-portrait-studioBeautiful-little-curly-haired-boy-smiling-sweetly-looking-upModern-childrens-holiday-portraits-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahChildrens-portrait-of-cute-twin-boys-at-Studio-B-Portraits I didn't plan it, but this week on the blog has been about lifting up the curtain and showing a bit about the "real" behind the perfect portrait.  As Mom's we put our absolute best foot forward and then...we have to let life happen. I think what we find out is...everything always turns out alright in the end.  For Mom Robyn she brought these three little angels for their holiday portrait and as they were walking through our Studio B Portraits front lobby of the boys bonked his eye on the closing door...cue the blood and tears.   BUT no worries! Kids are very resilient and the show did go on!  I dare you to identify which of the twins had the accident -- that's right, with a a big hug from Mom and a little digital magic retouching from Studio B...we had an awesome time and got these super fun holiday portraits.  I also just have to walk you through my total laugh from this shoot...follow the montage just above with the twins.  We ask them to hug and kiss...immediately after they do...both little boys simultaneously wipe the kiss off with their sleeves. COMEDY!