Adorable Baby Boy Portraits | If Only You Could Make them Like this at Build-A-Bear Workshop | Studio B Issaquah, WA

Adorable-baby-boy-in-a-bear-suit-photographed-at-Studio-B-PortraitsBaby-in-a-bear-hat-at-Studio-B-PortraitsBaby-in-a-monkey-hat-at-Studio-B-Portraits It's actually a good thing that you can't just pop over to Build-A-Bear and make a cutey little bear or monkey as delicious as 8 month old baby boy Cruz or I might be rivaling Brad and Angelina for my new adoptions!  He seriously makes you just want to stare doesn't he...just look at those big brown eyes and crazy long lashes!  (Go ahead, he should probably get used to the adoration now :-) )  Want more of a baby fix, be sure to check out our Baby Pictures Gallery at Studio B Portraits Family Portrait site.