Close-Up with Kings High School Beauty Sarah | Issaquah, WA Portrait Studio

Senior-Pictures-of-Kings-High-School-beautiful-2013-girl-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-IssaquahLaughing-teenager-during-photo-shoot-in-IssaquahPretty-blond-teenager-from-Kings-High-School-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah You are staring at her lashes aren't you?  It's okay...I'm going to guess that this Kings High School beauty has had it happen a time or two :-)  Sarah is just the nicest and most quietly unassuming girl.  We had a ball during her photo shoot playing the Studio B Portraits version of America's Next Top Model.   The first shot in the white coat and hood is one of my absolute favorites of the year...can you say "highlight video?"  Sarah has the most flawless skin (hence all of the close-ups) so I had to remind myself to do the head to toe shots of her cutey outfit.  (Please note too my go-to accessory of December 2011..the oh-so-fab chandelier)