Behind the Scenes: Our Clark Family Christmas Card | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah WA

Mad-Men-Style-Christmas-card-at-Studio-B-Portraits I wanted to share a bit of our behind the scenes adventures attempting our 2011 Clark Family christmas card. Like many families, our family has a tradition of an annual holiday portrait photo shoot.  Historically this has lead to tears, anger and tantrums...of course that was mostly just me and my spouse :-) No matter though, because looking back at those memories brings us more joy than I can express.  Now that our oldest daughter is 7 and our youngest is a big Kindergartener, I was hopeful that we could pull off  a little “Mad Men” attitude meets “Modern Urban Chic.”  As you can see it was far more shtick than chic but as always the best and most joy-filled madness! Whether it’s your own family portrait or a holiday tradition that is unique to your loved ones, here’s wishing you and yours a season of joy, laughter & blesssings.