Beautiful Children's Portraits featuring the Smith Kids | Issaquah Portrait Studio, WA

Laughing-kids-at-portrait-studio-in-Issaquah-WABeautiful-childrens-portrait-of-10-year-old-girl-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahFormal-kids-pictures-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-IssaquahSeriously-beautiful-children-photographed-by-childrens-photographer-Brooke-Clark Seriously beautiful children...that was my first thought when the Smith Kids walked into the Studio B Portraits lobby.  Like Wow..."Guess who's about to have fun?"(...Oh whatever I know the PC answer is to say "them" but who are we kidding...I could feel my professional photographer self esteem rising before I even clicked the first frame on the camera...they are just gorgeous and I knew that was going to make me awesome too :-)  )  The thing that was really neat about this portrait session is that it was Dad bringing the kids as a surprise gift for Mom.  Talk about HUGE points!  If only more husbands knew that this was the Holy Grail of "Best Gift for Your Wife" presents - big time kudos for something so personal and thoughtful.  Well played Mr. Smith!