Professional Baby Portraits of 9 month Emily

Professional-baby-portraits-of-9-month-old-Emily_Studio-B-PortraitsProfessional-baby-portraits-of-9-month-playing-with-pearls_Studio-B-PortraitsBeautiful-baby-pictures-of-nine-month-girl-eating-pearls-at-Studio-B-Portraits Looking at 9 month old Emily admiring these pearls (and actually taking more than a few nibbles) made me quickly realize how we girls develop a taste for jewelry so quickly!  You have to admit that they went perfectly with her sweet little  Nordstrom ensemble, right? :-)  It felt like a huge victory that we found something to interest this tiny bundle of energy because she was very rarely in one place for more than one click of the camera...think...dive bombing off the chair, scooting mock speed across the floor! This is our  third session this year in Emily's Baby Couture Watch Me Grow Baby Portrait series of photo shoots and it's been such a  treat getting  to see  her change so much during this past year.