So you want to be a model? | Studio B Seniors 2013 Model Team

High-School-Senior-Pictures-Model-2013_Katherine We just announced a Model Open Call for our NEW Studio B Seniors 2013 Models and it dawned on me that each year we have the most amazing Model Team of High School Juniors helping us with the upcoming Studio B Seniors Campaign...photographing with us, promoting the studio and acting as the face of our brand.   Since our selected models are gorgeous, fashionable, talented and outgoing we thought it would be fun to do Q & A about all things Style, Trend and the Studio B Experience with models from our previous season.  Here's the latest in our series featuring Katherine!

1. Name: Katherine Skorny 2. School: Mercer Island High School 3. My style right now is... playful, I love bright colors and sequins 4. Favorite magazine: Seventeen  5. Favorite retailer: Nordstrom, it's basically a second home to me 6. So “Right Now”… Sweaters, I wear them almost everyday, they are so comfy and warm 7. So “Over it”… Clogs, they just are not cute and do not go with anything. 8. My favorite color(s) is…Pink and neon 9. My celebrity style icon is… Kourtney Kardashian or Eva Longoria, they are both short like me 10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was…When Brooke and I were outside shooting this father and his son drove by. The dad rolled down the window and said, "Son take a picture, its not everyday you see a model." It was awkward but funny. 11. Describe your best Studio B photo (or outfit) that we shot of you during either session and tell us why it’s your favorite: My favorite outfit was with my blue flowy shirt, it's so pretty and playful:) 12. Anything else you’d like to share with your readers: I had a lot of fun modeling for Studio B and I recommend it to everyone! Brooke is the nicest lady and she is super fun!

Thanks to Katherine for her Q&A Interview with us! Click here for more information for applying for the NEW 2013 Studio B Seniors Model Team