Valentines...Love, Joy and Cold Eggs | Personal Note from Brooke| Studio B Portraits

Photo Valentine cards at Studio B Portraits in IssaquahPhoto Valentine cards at Studio B Portraits in Issaquah Had THE best Valentines Breakfast Party at my girls school today and it made me realize that I would relive every excruciatingly terrible Junior High "no-carnation-getting" Valentines Day at Sacajawea Junior High, 100 times over if it meant that I would get to experience the joy I celebrated with my babes today.  (They were so happy to just sit and eat cold eggs together) I thought this holiday had been redeemed when I married my awesome husband and he started to doing all of the right things as dictated by Hallmark commercials but NO, it was today that cupid got me with his arrow.  Here's wishing you love, joy and cold eggs this Valentines Day!