Best Boy Senior Pictures| Tahoma High School | Seattle Photographer

Cool-boy-senior-pictures-of-Tahoma-High-School-guy-ArthurN__9925Best-senior-pictures-of-high-school-boy-from-Tahoma Obviously, high school Senior Pictures with Tahoma High School Senior Nate were fun.  I spent the entire session unintentionally embarrassing him -- and it went something like this "

<camera click>...You know who you look like?...Zac Efron"  -- Then a couple minutes later...

<click, click>...NO, you know who you really look like Rob Pattinson from Twighlight (which got me a bit of a wince but it was followed by the most endearing smile as he dropped his head and shook it a little bit) And that TOO was very photogenic so....<click click click>

The senior shoot became a running tally for how many times I could tell one fella how cute he was or how much he resembled one of the latest young Hollywood "IT" guys.  By the way, I finally decided, he actually looks like Chace Crawford  I also posted another awesome senior shot on our Facebook page here