The Business of Makeovers | 425 Magazine | Studio B Portraits

Studio-B-Portraits-photographs-featured-in-425-Magazine Don't we all love a make-over?  Seeing one, getting one...just universally they are pretty flipp'in awesome.  Apparently 425 Magazine thought so too because they assembled a talented team of style experts to create make-overs for three amazing ladies in need of a new "professional business look."  The Team? Shaye Anderson from Nordstrom dressed the ladies from ankle to shoulder (oh fine...head to toe...I was trying to be clever).  Next up, Sorella Salon styled hair and make-up for a flawless camera-ready confidence, and of course...Studio B Portraits' Brooke Clark (yeah, me) got things clicking behind the lens.   Realtor Marcelina McGinnis is pictured above and I particularly loved her story -- a seasoned professional turning back the clock one floral top and shiny round brush blow-out at a time :-)