Newborn Pictures | 5 Days New: Nolan | Sammamish Portrait Studio

Professional-baby-pictures-Seattle-of-5-day-old-newborn-at-Studio-B-PortraitsProfessional-childrens-pictures-at-Studio-B-Portraits-near-SeattleBeautiful-baby-portraits-at-Studio-B-Seattle Just looking at oh-so-sleepy baby Nolan makes me happy.  (And given how far overdue his birth was...I'm going to guess his Mommy Lisa is pretty overjoyed too!)  The entire family arrived for this newborns' very first portrait session and I couldn't help  but get a little giddy when I saw his beautiful older sisters dressed in their ruffled rompers -- PHOTOGRAPHY JACK POT!!!  At just 5 days old, you'd think this sweet baby would have slept the entire session but no...he kept Mom and Dad on their toes, waking up several times to snack and fill a record number of diapers :-)