Studio B Seniors featuring Kings High School Boy Shafer | Seattle Photographer

Cool-boy-senior-pictures-of-Kings-High-School-guy-near-Seattle-WA3Kings-High-School-Senior-Pictures-of-Shafer-Smart-photographed-at-Studio-B-PortraitsCool-boy-senior-pictures-of-Kings-High-School-guy-near-Seattle-WA2 Loved photographing Kings High School Senior boy Shafer...and I think I probably told him like 104 times.  (Truth is...I adore his entire family (Sister Savannah is our cover girl on the front of our Studio B Seniors website and Nephew Cruz is the sweet little bear cub on our main family site!)  We had the most gorgeous day to shoot and he brought his bad @ss vintage Mercedes that just screamed "take a picture"  Big thanks to his lovely Mom Sally -- she's the most petite little thing...standing just out of frame to the left of the camera holding a piece of my equipment and trying desperately not to blow away in the strong breeze that kicked up the entire session :-)