Studio B Seniors | Brooke for Kings High School | Seattle Photographer

Best-senior-pictures-photographer-in-Seattle-photographing-Kings-High-School-girl-outdoorsStudio-B-Seniors-portrait-studio-photographing-Kings-High-School-girl-outdoorsPretty-senior-pictures-of-Kings-High-School-girl-in-Seattle Just looking at pretty Brooke from Kings High School sitting in the lobby I thought -- "oh now this senior pictures photo shoot is going to be fun fun fun!"  Sometimes it takes me a good while to figure out the celebrity that a particular gal or guy looks like but with Brooke...I knew immediately.  She reminds me of Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars.  (If you know who that is, then right now you are surely thinking to yourself "OMG, you are so right"  but if you do not...then here's the link to the  actress so you can join in the fun.)  Big thanks to Sorella Salon for styling her gorgeous locks!