Headshots for Business...what's your Style? | Seattle Photographer

Great-headshot-photographer-for-business-head-shots We do A LOT of headshots here at Studio B Portraits and I start every single professional head shot photo shoot with a variation on the same questions -- "1. What line of work are you in? 2. What are you trying to communicate with this image and finally 3. What's your style?"  It's important to know that my photography style is inherently going to lean toward a fresh, contemporary look but these portrait sessions are a collaboration.  Real Estate professional Christine Woodcock told me that it was time to refresh her look for websites and collateral -- I knew we'd be doing a media white for one of the backgrounds (it's just so versatile for all things marketing) but since her industry requires that she cut through the noise and differentiate among her competitors, I wanted to give her a completely "now" look with the chevron elements as well. LOVE it!  If you are looking for a little professional business headshot inspiration for yourself, be sure to visit www.StudioBheadshots.com