Senior Pictures Sneak Peak | Kings High School: Karleigh | Seattle Photographer

Studio-B-Seniors-outdoor-high-school-pictures-in-IssaquahOutdoor-senior-pictures-of-pretty-girl Is she not the cutest ever?   I'm about to tell you what Kings High School senior Karleigh said to me 4.2 second before I was going to snap her senior pictures.  She said "I'm not very good at this...and also, I seem to always fake smile"  I don't know why that struck me as funny...but it did -- which made Karleigh then laugh and smile really super cute. It seemed a waste that we would settle for fake when the real deal was that stunning so  it was right then and their that I decided that each of her smiles would be because she was genuinely have a good time or we'd just have fun doing the artsy model-rific look.  Either way, I knew we had a win/win scenario!  More from Karleigh's photo shoot is featured on our Facebook page here