Professional Newborn Baby Portraits | Seattle Baby Photographer

Newborn-baby-boy-hanging-in-a-hammock-sling-at-Studio-B-Portraits-by-Brooke-ClarkProfessional-baby-pictures-of-Asian-newborn-at-Studio-B-Portraits He takes your breath away just snuggled into his little hammock doesn't he?  Big Welcome to Baby Zander making his Studio B Portraits photo shoot debut at just 4 days new!  (Technically I guess he was part of Mom's Maternity session but we'll call this newborn session his first "official" showing :-)  The image order is actually reversed here because when this little guy showed up -- there was ZERO sleeping on his agenda....wide--flipp'in--awake and ready for his close up I tell you.  Way back when he was still in Mom Lindsay's tummy we had discussed making this awesome portrait of her newborn sleeping in the sling hammock so we planned, we prepped and finally the day arrived.  (This is the time to mention that to do the really artsy stuff like this... they have got to be sleeping...and I mean snoozing hard.)  Um...I've never seen such a small baby hang in there as long as Zander but no worries...I'll wait.  Sooooooo....90 minutes in -- he knocked out and Voila!