Tips for Great Business Head Shots | Studio B Headshots near Bellevue and Seattle WA

Woman-executive-head-shot-at-Studio-B-in-IsssaquahBusiness-headshots-for-men-photographed-at-Studio-B-Portraits-of-T-Moble-execHeadshots-for-business-near-Bellevue-and-SeattleBusiness-headshots-for-men-photographed-at-Studio-B-Portraits of Microsft ExecutiveWomens-headshots-for-professional-business-networking Fact is -- if you are a working professional, you need to have a dynamite business headshot. Why?  If I was going to be snarky, I'd say something like "because your competition does" :-)  And while that is very likely accurate, let's just go under the premise that you are running your own race and we'll make this all about you.  In today's virtual business environment - no matter what your industry -- you need to be accessible online (ie Linked-in, company website),  look competent, and appear relevant.  It is the very rare grown-up that is just itching to get in front of my camera to update their business headshot but now more than ever I think we all get why it should be at the top of the "to do" list. Since we do SO many professional headshots here at Studio B Portraits, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my best tips for taking a great business head shot.

1. Find Your Headshot Style: A simple Google search for "great headshot photos" can give you an excellent start at finding samples of a head shot look and feel that you'd like for yourself. It won't take long for you to have an opinion but you'll want to consider the background as well as the personality that you want to convey -- outdoor with a blurry background, contemporary studio, smiling candid with great lighting, resident authority -- it's really endless so give it some thought in advance. (And if you'd prefer to just bypass the tedious research, you can always just go check out our Studio B Headshot gallery)

2. Dress to Impress: Whether you are a fashionista or just about function, approach your headshot portrait session as if you were getting dressed for an important work day.  This little tweak to your mind set will ensure that you are the very best version of yourself in front of the camera.  Consider fit and color your number one priorities -- in that order.  If you are unsure, always bring more than you think you will need and let your photographer (moi) give you a professional opinion.  If your industry is fast paced and contemporary -- you should embrace the idea that you'll be updating your headshot more often to keep your look current.  For everyone else, keep it classic and your next update can coincide with dramatic physical changes like weight, hair color & cuts, contacts from glasses etc.

3.  Pay attention to the details:  Guys, get your hair cut about a week before your shoot. Don't concern yourself with razor knicks (we'll retouch them out). Ladies, go ahead and opt for professional hair and make-up before your headshot session -- that little extra polish equals confidence in front of the camera.  (We love Sorella Salon for their camera-ready special) Accessories are great, but avoid anything that steals the show from your face.

Hope these tips help and if you have any other questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out.