Eastlake High School 2013 Senior Pictures | Studio B Seniors Issaquah, WA

Get ready...here comes the Senior Class of 2013!!!  Eastlake High School's Sophie is a softball rockstar and wanted one of her four senior pictures' outfits to showcase her passion for the sport so we headed out to the diamond to give the shoot a little bit of authenticity.  I already know that this first shot at the top is going to make my "Best Of" portfolio...LOVE LOVE LOVE her intensity and light play of the fence through the frame.  This is my second time photographing Sophie and the thing that I totally adore about her in front of the camera is that she always surprises me with a little spin, or scrunchy nose -- something completely unexpected.   We're just at the beginning so look for more 2013 Seniors coming soon and for Summer Specials check out our website