Sammamish High School Senior Pictures | Fashion Inspired Photo Shoot | Studio B Seniors



Before each Senior Pictures photo shoot we always ask the kids about their preferences for the upcoming session and ideas for how we might make it more personalized or special.  Sammamish High School 2013's Maddy knew exactly what she wanted -- purple balloons!  Done and done.  This stunning blonde beauty walks through the door with her bundle of balloons and this cutey geometric dress and I immediately knew I had my muse for what would definitely be a Senior 2013 Portfolio shot for Studio B Seniors.  So the backstory...a couple of months ago I was driving to Studio B and I passed a garage sale...stay with me here...and I see this cool retro yellow and black bike that just screamed "buy me!"  After some shrewd negotiating (um...not really, I suck at haggling) I left with my prize.   Then -- NOthing.  All the rain had me less than inspired but -- finally -- in comes Maddy and we got these amazingly fun senior pictures.  YEAH.  Added another to Facebook here