Beautiful Ballernina | Skyline High School Senior Pictures | Sammamish Photographer

Amazing-ballerna-senior-pictures-of-Sammamish-girl-photographed-by-Brooke-ClarkSkyline-High-School-senior-girl-Class-of-2013_photographed at Studio B Seniors So let me just start with WOW. There are times when the person on the set is just SO amazing that I physically have to put the camera down and just take in what is actually happening.  Photographing beautiful ballerina and Skyline High School Senior Kati was exactly one of those occasions.  This gal is such a strong athlete -- her "sport" just happens to be ballet (on toe) and watching her perform some of the complex dance choreography was just awe inspiring.  I'm not sure I've ever seen someone that fit...and might I say "bendy" in real life :-)