Senior pictures featuring Eastlake High School Girl Riley | Sammamish Photographer

Senior-pictures-of-pretty-girl-laughing-at-gate-by-Studio-B-PortraitsSenior-pictures-of-girl-walking-on-train-tracks-in-Issaquah-for-senior-pictures Riley from Eastlake High School has such an All American Girl quality....such a natural beauty but her blown out straight locks are anything but natural.   (think big time effort to get her naturally wavy hair to behave opposite its nature)  So as we were heading in from her first outdoor look, I felt a definitive drop from the skies...then another and I thought, "Really Seattle, now?"   Grabbed an umbrella and we headed out for this shoot on the railroad tracks but luckily -- didn't need it...false alarm, tragedy averted and gorgeous senior pictures. :-)