Circus Fun with a Prima Ballerina | Senior Pictures at Studio B

senior-pictures-of-Ballerina-in-black-tutu-with-circus-themeSenior-pictures-of-ballerina-in-black-tutu-with-a-circus-red-and-white-theme-at-Studio-B So I'm certain it's become abundantly clear that I am TOTALLY enjoying the 2013 Senior Pictures photo shoots this season.  I feel like I'm getting to explore every single creative wish on my senior pictures list.  After I had an opportunity to photograph an awesome ballerina earlier this season, I was hoping that I'd get another chance to do a second ballet shoot...but this time with a circus theme!!! And her perfect black tutu!  Heart flutter, I could just melt!  Loved how these turned out!  You can see the full length "circus ballerina" portrait on our Facebook page here.