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High-School-senior-pictures-of-girl-at-Union-stable-in-Redmond-by-Studio-BHigh-school-senior-girl-kissing-her-horse-in-Redmond-by-Studio-B-in-IssaquahHigh-school-senior-pictures-of-girl-smiling-on-her-horse-near-Redmond-by-Studio-B-PortraitsSenior-pictures-near-Sammamish-of-Eastside-Catholic-High-School-girl-at-barn Wait for it....LOVE MY JOB! And yes, I'm tempted to use every horse phrase, pun and colloquialism that I can think of because I'm just that giddy about this shoot :-)  Eastside Catholic 2013 Senior Lexi and I met years ago when I photographed her family pictures and it was at that time that we talked about photographing her with her horse. Let me just say it was well with the wait -- so awesome....but of course since it's me, there's always a "comedy of errors" story to go along with every shoot. After shooting at Studio B for the first part of the session, we met at Union Hill Ranch in Redmond (gorgeous stables by the way).  Her Dad and lovely sister Emma had gotten her horse ready for us to photograph so we went about getting a variety of the different shots of her grooming, playing and riding him. I did this by the way with a VERY long lens...because, frankly I'm a chicken. I don't know what happened but Mom Suzanne suggested that we go into the paddock and Lexi remove his bridle for a few portraits."Okay I say happily" (Um...really?..not sure where that bout of delusion on my part came from...but in I walk.)  All seems to be going well, we wrap the shoot and sister Emma and I just begin to watch as Lexi attempts to get her horse back (because...see, now its a game)  He runs from her -- RUNS.  Runs....Right at Emma and me. From somewhere in the recesses of my brain, I hear someone yell an expletive (oh...yes, that's me) -- we both spin on our heels and attempt to outrun a horse (brilliant logic)...heading for the gate. The end of the story is rather anticlimactic as I later learned that horses (unlike bulls) do not actually want to stampede people.  Good to know :-|  Best adrenaline rush I've had all year!  I also added another favorite to our Facebook page here.