Senior Pictures of Cool Guy with his Microphone | Bellevue High School | Bellevue Photographer

Senior-pictures-of-African-American-boy-from-Bellevue-High-School-rapping-on-a-microphone-at-Studio-BBellevue-High-School-Senior-Pictures-of-African-Amercian-boy-singing-at-Studi-B Performer, rapper, writer and Bellevue High School Senior Fletcher arrived completely ready for his close up!  Many guys come in a bit reserved (understandable given that most fellas don't do this every day) but not Fletcher -- this kid was prepared with his creative concept.....confident from head to toe.  When he pulled out his Bob Marley t-shirt, microphone, headset and notebook....I was totally inspired!  I wanted to shoot something that looked like he was performing live on stage and I love how these turned out...almost think one of them could be his future album cover :-)