Tips for the Best Senior Pictures in Seattle | Issaquah Portrait Studio

Girl-senior-pictures-of-Skyline-High-School-Senior-near-SammamishBest-senior-pictures-in-Seattle-at-Studio-B-Portraits-of-Skyline-High-School-girlBest-senior-pictures-in-Seattle-of-girl-near-barn-by-Studio-B-Portraits Some photo shoots are just NOT difficult -- I know you are thinking "it's because Skyline High School 2013 Senior Elle is stunning"... right?  Well...that sure doesn't hurt :-)  But if I left it right there, I'd be burying the lead.  Truth is -- Elle did such a great job in preparing for her senior pictures session that we could just put all of the focus on having a great time - and that makes everything simple from there.   What did she do?  FIRST:  She arrived looking like the best version of herself. Zero experiments. No dramatic changes to hair and make-up means that the final images will look and feel like the girl she knows.  SECOND:  She arrived with 6 outfit choices and narrowed down to her favorite four looks.  She remembered to include a variety of different accessories from jewelry to shoes. THIRD:  She came with a great attitude (and her lovely Mom).  Nobody is doing brain surgery at Studio B so it's important for us to just relax and remember that we're here to play and have fun!