Creative Childrens Portrait Session | Cowgirl Theme | Kirkland Photographer

Childrens-portrait-of-2-year-old-girl-laughing-in-radio-flyer-wagon-with-balloonsPretty-little-2-year-old-girl-in-red-gingham-dress-at-Studio-B-Portraits-picture-session-near-BellevueBest-childrens-photographer-in-Seattle-of-gingham-dress-and-cowboy-boots-on-wood-rocking-horse-with-pretty-2-year-old-girl-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahSummer-family-pictures-of-gorgeous-girls-in-field-with-gingham-and-red-wagon So we're right in the middle of Evelyn's "I'm 2 year-old" photo shoot and it hits me like a ton of bricks... "I am really have fun right now!"  I mean as I looked at this sweet girl, her darling sister and her Mom that I just adore -- BLAM...this really could not get any better.  I turned to Michelle and said "If I were giving an award (which I'm not btw :-) )...I would totally give it to you for the awesome job you did in dressing your baby today!"  I Love -- capital "L" a well planned portrait session and Michelle and I had put our heads together a couple weeks before the shoot to create the props, set-up and details for the cowgirl inspired theme.  There is an unmeasurable joy to seeing it all come together...watching this lovely family just enjoy the moment makes my heart smile.  I also added another one of my favorites from this shoot on our main family website here