Senior Pictures with the cutest prop sister! | Issaquah Portrait Studio

Studio-B-Seniors-in-Issaquah-near-Bellevue_High-School-Portraits-of-pretty-blonde-against-damask-backdropSenior-pictures-of-Issaquah-High-School-girl-laughing-with-her-younger-sister-against-damask-backgroundBest-high-school-senior-pictures-in-Seattle-of-pretty-blonde-in-riding-boots-at-Studio-B-Portraits-Issaquah So I had to laugh and I'm going to guess that looking at Issaquah High School Senior Sierra's sweet younger sister above you might have an inkling why.  This outfit was the second look we had photographed in the studio and her baby sister was just waiting for "her" turn to be in the spotlight too....this little darling is making her second Studio B debut...she also came with big Brother AJ during his senior shoot!   As I was adjusting the studio lights and camera settings, I look down and see this sweet young thing striking a pose (that looked A LOT like what she thought she had just seen her big sister doing) Too cute :-)  Sierra is such a natural in front of the camera so of course I couldn't help but show just one more on our Facebook page here.