Bellevue High School Senior Pictures | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah WA

Bellevue-High-School-Senior-Pictures-at-Studio-B-Portrtaits-in-IssaquahBest-High-School-Senior-Pictures-of-Bellevue-High-School-pretty-girl-in-cowboy-boots-by-flowers-at-Studio-BBest-senior-pictures-in-Bellevue-of-Bellevue-High-School-girl-in-front-of-vintage-flowers So in walks Bellevue High School Senior beauty Natalie and my wheels immediately start turning (you know...the one where I know you look like someone famous but I just can't put my finger on it in the moment :-) )  Then it hits me...she's the younger version of French Super Model Laetitia Casta.  (If you're sitting there and thinking "who?"'s okay, you may not know the name but you've most definitely seen her face on a million different advertising on her name and it will link you to pictures) We had the bet time ...and the best weather for Natalie's photo shoot -- I just adored this one above with the flowers and her gorgeous blue eyes & lashes!