Fashion Inspired Senior Pictures with your Cat...Meow! | Sammamish Portrait Studio

High-school-senior-pictures-of-pretty-Skyline-girl-with-her-cat-and-high-heels-at-Studio-B PortraitsHigh-school-senior-pictures-of-pretty-Skyline-girl-with-her-cat-and-high-heels-at-Studio- "Senior pictures with your cat - What FUN!...Senior Pictures with your cat --Wait...what happened to the cat"  That's about how it went down for beautiful Halle from Skyline High School.  There we were...she's all glam and gorgeous in her little black dress and leopard heels -- we shoot this fashion inspired look inside the studio and then move on to our next outfit (which happened to be outdoors)  When we return to the wardrobe area to have her change one more time...the cat carrier is closed -- yet...wait for it...EMPTY.  This cat should be named Houdini because it magically disappeared...all the while with the door still shut.  Long story short, we found the cat hidden behind the backdrops in the camera room but never did figure out how he escaped!