Outdoor senior pictures | Issaquah High School | Seattle Portrait Studio

Outdoor-senior-pictures-of-pretty-Issaquah-High-School-girl-at-Studio-B-SeniorsBest-senior-pictures-in-Bellevue-of-Issaquah-High-School-Senior-girl-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-outdoor-field Some photo shoots are a walk in the park...literally and figuratively -- photographing Issaquah High School's Kirsten was just a breeze!  This gal is such a natural in front of the camera and I wasn't shocked and surprised to learn that she had worked professionally in front of the camera as a kid.  I'm absolutely loving this warm Summer weather that we've been able to take advantage of with our 2013 Seniors...the gorgeous back-light of the sun is so stunning you'd never guess that these were taken right in full bright morning rays. (Kind of pokes holes in the theory that the only great time to shoot images is at sunset huh?)