Awesome Tip for Great Senior Pictures | Bellevue High School | Issaquah Portrait Studio

Fashion-senior-pictures-of-Bellevue-High-School-girl-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahBest-senior-pictures-in-Bellevue-of-Bellevue-High-School-of-pretty-girl-outdoors-in-Issaquah Falling under the category of "Little thing, BIG difference"...I wanted to share an awesome idea that Audrey from Bellevue High School included in her senior photo shoot. (oh I know you're on pins and needles now aren't you? :-) )  During our senior picture sessions we photograph 4 different outfits and split time between indoors and outdoors -- we always recommend that the kids bring MORE options than we'll actually shoot...that way they can have the freedom to change their minds on the fly.  Well...Audrey did just that -- she brought this super cool leather coat as an "extra" and instead of leaving it on the proverbial cutting room floor...her Mom just carried it with us as we headed outside in this cute lace dress.  After we did her dress in a "Garden of Eden" type setting, we had her toss on the coat for some quick headshots on the way back into the studio using a cool textured wall just around the corner -- as you can see, it was like getting a bonus 5th look -- SO clever! (Side note: this is also a great option for student athletes with a Letterman coat)