Football Inspired Guy Senior Pictures | Issaquah High School | Studio B Seniors

Cool-boy-senior-pictures-of-Issaquah-High-School-football-player2Cool-boy-senior-pictures-of-Issaquah-High-School-football-player Meet Issaquah High School Football player and stand-out senior Craig! There's a little bit of irony that I'm showing you this cool "serious" shot of him in that he was all dimples and smiles 99% of his photo shoot.  And really...can we blame him? As we were shooting this look out on the streets of Issaquah, we must have been their all of 5 minutes before a car full of women drove by honking -- going out on a limb and guessing the fanfare was not for me :-)  In addition to these, we also included another one of my favorites on our Facebook page here.