Best Senior Pictures in Seattle | Studio B Seniors | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah


Never? Really? Woodinville High School beauty Chelsea has NEVER been photographed professionally? Apologies for the stuttering but holy shnikeys, who looks like this for their first ever photo shoot? Um -- rhetorical -- the answer clearly is -- Chelsea did for her fashion-inspired senior portrait session  :-) Her amazing senior pictures get even more fabulous when you realize that the city of Seattle decided to buy into the stereotype and start raining on us mid clicking. To be honest, overcast is worries, super pretty lighting -- but actual rain on your freshly blown out locks?...bit of a buzz kill when I paraded us outside without benefit of an umbrella.  Luckily, we were just steps from our studio doors so we threw the reflector over the top of her head (that's part of my photography equipment) and made a dash back indoors.  (As always, BIG thanks to our in-house Studio B professional make-up artist Tiffany for the fabulous camera-ready make us look so good)