Cool Boy Senior Pictures | Skyline High School Guy with Wake Board | Sammamish WA Photographer

Best-high-school-senior-pictures-of-guy-with-wake-board-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-Issaquah RJ from Skyline High School walks in for his senior pictures carrying his board and I ignorantly had to ask him..."Um snowboard or for the water?" -- YEP, that's how sharp I am (sad really).  He patiently explains that his wake board is in fact for the water and then further goes on to educate me about the differences in shape, size and weight.   Now of course I'm just waiting for the next guy that comes in with any type of gear...I'll be SO ready :-)  I loved how this  shot turned out -- RJ selling it like a total pro....maybe we could even land him an endorsement deal looking this cool.