Braces off for Senior Pictures | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah

Fashion-senior-pictures-of-Issaquah-High-School-girl-with-braces-off Meet Kendall from Issaquah High School...a girl with A LOT to smile about on this particular day.  So shooting her senior pictures might be reason enough to be a little giddy, but it's  actually even better than that!  Kendall has been in braces for like...oh, I don't know...8 thousand years and here she is (drumroll) -- metal free!  But there was a catch.  Kendall shared with me that she had her top braces removed just for this one day...WHAT?  Yep. Her lovely orthodontist had planned for her to be done with the bands prior to the shoot but when it didn't happen -- he agreed to take them off for just this one day so that she could flash her pearly whites for the camera -- gorgeous!