Getting Formal for Senior Pictures | Woodinville High School | Studio B Seniors

Best-Senior-pictures-of-Woodinville-senior-girl-in-green-prom-dress-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahBest-Senior-pictures-of-Woodinville-senior-girl-in-green-prom-dress-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah_2Fashion-senior-pictures-in-green-prom-dress-laughing-at-Studio-B-Portraits Not surprising to anyone -- I LOVE when Woodinville High School Senior Sarah pulls this green "Gone with the Wind" prom dress out with her Cinderella sparkly shoes, I just knew we were headed in the right direction for her senior portraits!  Then I find out...  Sarah is really into theatre and ding ding ( quote Charlie Sheen) -- "WINNER"  Bring on the studio lights, turn up the tunes and we had quite the photo shoot! Oh and while we were shooting it hits me who Sarah's celebrity doppelganger is -- she totally looks like actress Christina Applegate (from Married with Children and Up All Night).  Here's the link to the actress if you want to see if you think I'm right :-)