Best Fall Family Pictures in Seattle | Studio B, Issaquah

Great-outdoor-family-portraits-in-Seattle-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah Fun-family-pictures-during-fall-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-IssaquahGreat-outdoor-family-pictures-at-Studio-B-Portratis-in-Issaquah_Sullivan

The irony of Northwest weather is NEVER lost on me. So the night before the Sullivan Family photo shoot, I see that the weather forecast is like 99.9% rain for the next day.  I send the "bad news" email to Mom Liz and she worries, studio it is.  Then, *poof* we get this gorgeous morning of sunshine for their family portrait session.  As you can see, we have the best outdoor Fall family shoot and frolicking fun time was had by all.  On my way home to lunch, I'm taking in the blue skies and I give my husband a call (he was out of town) and tell him how excited I am that the weather is just gorgeous since I have 4 more shoots to go. But...WAIT for the time I am coming back to the studio from lunch -- it's pouring buckets. Well played Seattle...clearly you still have a sense of humor.