Great Boy Senior Pictures | Eastside Catholic High School, Sammamish

Great-boy-senior-pictures-of-Eastsdie-Catholic-High-School-guy-laughing-near-train-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahCool-boy-senior-pictures-of-guy-on-a-train-from-Eastside-Catholic-High-School-in-Sammamish LOVED meeting Trevor from Eastside Catholic -- I know you can already see why but actually there is more.  We always ask the kids to fill out a quick little one-sheet before their senior photo shoots that help us personalize the session -- everything from color preferences to hobbies to music are covered.  There was SO much personality from Trevor on the page...I just knew he was going to be amazing in person and he really didn't disappoint.  I'm sure it didn't hurt that we started our shoot playing on trains (a boyhood favorite) but as you can see he was fun from start to finish!  Trevor is also quite the musician so we included a favorite from his senior pictures with his drums on our Facebook page here.