Happy Halloween | Meet the Flintstones | Studio B Portraits

Halloween Family Portrait featuring the Clark's as the Flintstones at Studio B Issaquah We have always loved Halloween in our family...and actually...if I'm honest it started even before we had our kids.  The babes were just the perfect cover to indulge my love of small, bite sized candy treats.  Matter of fact, I've had to start buying an extra bag or two just to ramp up to the actual holiday distribution (sad but true...I'm pretty certain I ate an entire 60 piece count of Twizzlers myself during the three weeks ramping up to October 31)  Our awesome neighbor throws the most amazing Halloween Party each year (...totally tricked out from start to finish...Martha Stewart should be envious) and has given us the perfect excuse to get to dress up with a theme each year.  Last year we were Pirates of the Carribean and this year as you can tell, the Clark's totally embraced the Flintstone Family for Halloween 2012.