Reindeer Baby | Best Baby Pictures in Seattle | Portrait Studio Issaquah

Baby-boy-in-reindeer-hat at Studio B Portraits near SeattleHoliday-baby-portraits-of-4-month-old-boy-in-Reindeer-hat-at-Studio-B-IssaquahCute-baby-boy-in-reindeer-hat-at-Studio-B-Portraits-near-Seattle Reindeer games with 4 month old Baby Tanner...doesn't come any more holiday delicious does it?  This is the first of three baby photo shoots that we'll be doing this year as we watch him grow and the thing that I love about this particular milestone is all of curiosity that comes with their new found awareness of surroundings.  While Tanner hadn't yet discovered his toes (give him a week or two) he was wildly fascinated with his own hands, my big lights...and most of all -- MOM smiling at him just off camera!