Professional Childrens Pictures | Studio B Portraits in Issaquah

Professional-childrens-portrait-of-2-year-old-boy-in-blue-hat-outdoors-at-Studio-B-in-IssaquahProfessional-childrens-portrait-of-2-year-old-boy-playing-with-airplane-outdoors-at-Studio-B This is my second milestone portrait session with Ethan (his first birthday was an in-studio extravaganza) and this time we were celebrating the BIG #2.  I find that at this age -- the kids are not particularly interested in any kind of formal or structured children's portrait session and it's just best to "go with the moment."  We had an awesome Fall day to shoot so we grabbed a couple of Ethan's favorites toys (bear & airplane) and headed outside to do a little've never seen such a happy little guy!