Best Holiday Family Portraits in Seattle | Vizquel Family Pictures | Studio B Portraits near Bellevue

Best-family-pictures-in-Seattle-of-Vizquel-Family-Portraits-at-Studio-B-near-Bellevue-WAGreat-family-pictures-of-beautiful-Mom-with-daughters-laughing-at-Studio-B-near-Bellevue-WAGreat-holiday-portraits-of-teenagers-in-formal-clothes-at-Studio-B-near-Bellevue-WABest-family-pictures-in-Seattle-of-formal-holiday-portraits-featuring-kids-at-Studio-B Every year I look forward to photographing the Vizquel Holiday Family Portraits... Mom Nicole has been bringing her beautiful kids to see me since my very first studio that I had at Gilman Village (that studio was the size of a walk-in closet by the way and the fact that she believed in me and my art from the beginning is something that I'll never forget)  This family never fails to crack me up...they are likely the closest thing to a reality TV show that I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with in real life.  First they are clearly all ascetically blessed (yeah for me and getting to photograph them) but it's the personality and dynamic among them that has me smiling throughout the entire photo shoot.  (Please note the kung-fu grip that young Caylee has on this sweet puppy above...THAT is a lot of love for one small dog :-) )