Professional Business Headshots Seattle | Portrait Studio, Bellevue WA

Seattle-Headshots_Studio-B-Portraits_Rosselini2Seattle-Head-shots_Studio-B-Portraits_RosseliniSeattle-Headshots_Studio-B-Portraits_Rosselini3 For all of you business professionals that have added "update your professional headshot" to your 2013 resolution list -- we're going to let Courtney (pictured above) be your inspiration!  Courtney is a "DO" in every category - 1. WARDROBE...DO keep it simple and flattering when you're looking for a clean, contemporary look.  Since a lot of the way we use business portraits these days is in an online format (such as Linked-in) remember that the images are small and you'll want to keep the focus on your face. 2. PREPARATION...DO invest in pre-shoot pampering...professional make-up is highly recommended.  Of course we offer our in-house make-up artist at Studio B Portraits (big shout out to our artist extraordinaire Sara for Courtney's gorgeous face here) but scheduling a sitting at one of the awesome Nordstrom make-up counters is a great option too.  Looking for a one-two punch of Hair and Make-up -- we LOVE Sorella Salon 3.  BE YOURSELF: DO relax and remember that this is about letting your personality shine through.  Give yourself permission to be silly, make light of the situation and be confident that when you land that 1 awesome head shot...nobody else has to see the "goofy" stuff that you left on the cutting room floor! :-)