He's Here...the New Clark Baby | Studio B Portraits

Studio-B-Portraits_Best-baby-pictures-Seattle_Clark__3Studio-B-Portraits_Best-baby-pictures-Seattle_Clark__2Studio-B-Portraits_Best-baby-pictures-Seattle_Clark__0019e So less than two weeks ago, all of our Studio B websites were viciously hacked!  Really?  YES, REALLY.  Everything had to come down, "get cleaned" and submitted back through Google for safety approval.  I wouldn't wish this business nightmare on anyone but during this quiet window where I couldn't blog, I couldn't share and I couldn't update pictures on our sites I decided that I wasn't going to sweat the small stuff (because if you read Pinterest sayings..."it's all small stuff").  Now that we're encrypted, secure and back up & running for all of our websites, I thought it would be fun to share our new addition to the Clark House!  You'll have to pardon him...because clearly this is a baby that prioritizes his naps over my photo shoots (he's so tired and very busy growing!)  My husband called these sleepy photo shoots "Fun with Baby" because every time he conked out, I picked up my camera :-)  Not content for him to be solo however, I made the entire family also get in front of my lens for our first ever "Party of 5" Family Portrait. I posted it here on our Facebook page.