Studio B Seniors Model Team Open Call - Class of 2014 | Feature Story with Riley Eastlake High School

Studio-B-Portraits_High-School-Senior-Pictures-Model-Team-_Riley-Eastlake If you've been following us on the blog this month, you already know that we are currently casting for our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team (Open to current High School Juniors - CLICK HERE for details on applying) and sitting down with our favorite models from last season getting their take on all things fashion & style.  Today we're featuring Riley and I love her because she is a true chameleon in front of the camera.  I had the joy of photographing her on three separate occasions and each time she walked through the door it was like visually meeting a new girl...casual, dressy, curly hair, sleek and straight...she delivers the best of every look!

1. Name: Riley

2. School: Eastlake High School

3. My Style Right Now: Boho or girly, on days I actually feel like trying…

4. Favorite Magazine: Seventeen or Vogue. Seventeen is a fun read but Vogue really inspires me.

5. Love to Shop: Oh boy, I can't choose just one!!




Free People:

6. So Right Now: Prints, prints, prints!! But be careful which ones you choose… Some tribals will be on their way out soon. You always have to have a good pair of boots, especially in Washington. Leather jackets are in, always have been, always will be! Sheer blouses are some of my favorite, because you can dress them down, or up! And finally, oversized sweaters… soo comfy!!!

7. Completely Over: Floral prints… Never been a huge fan.

8. Favorite Color: Turquoise

9. Celebrity Inspiration: I like Blake Lively, because she will either dress girly, or boho, and I sometimes walk the line between those as well.

10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was when I was taking pictures with Brooke at a little white house, and this cute old man came out of the house next door to tell me I was pretty! He made my day for sure :)

11. My favorite model outfit was probably the one with denim shorts, a cream long sleeve tee with a brown knit vest over it and my combat boots. It was very me and it felt like I was just in something that I would be wearing anyway, not just to take pictures in. However, I did LOVE wearing my cowboy boots, they're pretty awesome…

12. What you need to know: If you're thinking about being a model, stop hesitating!! Working with Brooke is SO much fun and she always makes you feel and look like a princess. You won't be disappointed!!