Best Family Portraits featuring the Gomez Family | Studio B in Issaquah near Seattle

Studio-B-Portraits-great-picture-of-a-Mexican-married-couple-laughing-near-SeattleStudio-B-Portraits-great-family-pictures-of-three-brothers-near-SeattleStudio-B-Portraits-great-family-pictures-near-Seattle_Gomez__0928 Loved photographing the Gomez Family (I first met oldest son Joav when I photographed his senior pictures) and I have NEVER in my whole life wished that I paid more attention during my three years of high school Spanish than during this shoot. Why? I mean, everybody spoke English (duh) but when the family was chatting in Spanish it hit me that it was like a metaphorical double dutch rope...I simply could not jump  in :-)  (Sadly, my bilingual proficiency is limited to locating the restroom and ordering my quesadilla at Las Margaritas on Front Street.) that I've gone off on some silly side bar, let me bring it back to the Gomez Family!  We had a pleasant Seattle day that was not covered in sideways rain and wind so we took advantage of shooting outside.  These three boys were SO charming and polite -- I can only hope to raise my new baby boy to be so well mannered!  OH and -- BIG shout out to our Studio B make-up artist Tiffany for Mama's gorgeous camera ready make-up!