Three Little Angels | Best Childrens Pictures Photographer in Seattle

Best-childrens-photographer-in-Seattle_three-kids-in-angel-white-at-Studio-B-PortraitsSleeping-baby-at-Studio-B-PortraitsBest-childrens-photographer-in-Seattle_African-American-girl-in-white-dress-at-Studio-B-Portraits My three little angels!  For my babes first sibling photo shoot I wanted to create portraits that had a peaceful, ethereal quality (...without literally attaching wings to any of their backs) For anyone with young children -- "peaceful and angelic" are pretty scarce commodities.  For my two oldest I brought the requisite bribes of their favorite fast food kids meal and the promise of cupcakes if they acted right (don't judge me :-) )  My 4 week old son was a different story so for him, I just got him good and milk drunk before we attempted to shoot.  I then ignored the fact that he completely yupped right down the front of my sweater just as I was laying him into his sister's arms.  Hoping you're getting the mental picture that I'm attempting to paint for you...two sisters debating with one another over who gets to hold their beloved brother while he majorly spits up on me and I suddenly realize that miraculously...they are in the perfect position looking right up at me simultaneously.  Smelling like sour milk I issue the declarative to "wait, wait wait...don't move you all look amazing" to which instead of all of them continuing to look at me...they do the polar opposite -- they all look at each other. And to be honest...that was WAY better than what I had planned. so...  "CLICK" -- my favorite portrait of my sweet babies up on the top right!  This will be hanging in my house shortly :-)