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With Professionals Week coming (March 25-29), I knew this was the perfect time to talk all things "Professional Business Headshots."  Hands down, my very favorite thing about business head shot photo shoots is learning more about what these professional men and women do when they are not in front of my lens.  The more I know in advance of clicking...the better the results so before I even picked up the camera to photograph Veresh (above) we spent time chatting about a topic that is REALLY interesting to the both of us -- "Managing Your Personal Brand"  If you're thinking..."Uh, my what?" -- don't worry!  Putting it simply...your personal brand takes the same concepts that corporations like Mac, Mercedes Benz, Disney, & Nordstrom have used successfully and applies them to you as an individual.  These great companies have meticulously crafted their images and messages to give us a very clear sense of what to expect when we do business with them.  Imagine the power of doing this for yourself when you are creating profiles on Linked-In, Facebook, blogs, community service, business marketing pieces and collateral?  The idea that a potential employer, prospect or business partner would already have a positive perception of you before you've even met with them is an extremely compelling reason to give some thought to the following:

1. Why are you getting photographed? There are as many reasons as there are people! For example... It's been a long time since your last head shot photo...or your current headshot is terrible; you have a new job...want a different job; got an entirely new hair cut/color, weight loss, contact lens instead of's endless!)  What's important to remember is that the reason and the use should dictate the overall finished image.

2. The look and feel of the finished images.  Are you going for contemporary, warm, friendly? OR  maybe something completely polar to those concepts...seasoned, intimidating, direct?  Giving thought to the "personality" of your head shot will drive you in the right direction when you're posing in front of the camera and allow your photographer (that would be me :-) ) to guide you easily through the shoot and help you translate your vision.

3. Visual specifications: Crops, colors, expressions or any other pertinent influences to how we will need to proceed are important.  Definitely do your research and find samples of what you really like visually. To kick start your creativity there are tons of places to get ideas and I have a recent post about where to look for headshot photos that you can check out here.  Additionally, if you have multiple outlets for your headshot -- you may want to consider a scheduling a Portfolio Session that includes different backdrops and wardrobe changes so that it's not Groundhogs Day (ie the same photo of you in every website or publication)

Hope this has been helpful and if you are feeling this overwhelming urge to schedule a new Headshot Portrait Session...check out and contact us about our Professionals Week Headshot Special.